A+ Report Card

Can’t say enough positive things about Essex Tutoring. Rich was wonderful in writing and vocabulary, and we probably wouldn’t have made it through 9th-grade math without Rasheeda. Both were very easy-going, good at what they do and great with young people!

Elizabeth, Montclair

I’ve used Essex tutoring consistently for the past three years for my son. In elementary school, for 4th and 5th grade, we used Essex for enrichment as my son was in the honors program. We then used Essex to help my son prepare for the ISEE exam, which was a very rigorous exam. After elementary school, we utilized Essex to help with the harder workload for private school and also for help in Spanish. Mark has an amazing team and over the years he has always been able to provide someone that matches our particular needs. Moreover, his expert team is professional and friendly and have become like family members. I would 100% recommend Essex!

Nikki, Montclair 

Essex is excellent! Sara, our favorite tutor, is skilled, patient and has always adapted her schedule for our busy family. We were lucky to meet her!


I cannot begin to tell you how Lois, a tutor with Essex Tutoring, changed my son’s self-esteem during his recent summer tutoring session. She kept in touch with him even on unscheduled days. He can’t wait to start in the fall.
Vickie, South Orange

My daughter needed help with Everyday Math, a new teaching method that my husband and I are not that familiar with. Essex Tutoring provided us with a wonderful tutor who not only knows the math but actually got my daughter interested in learning it. She was such a success that she is now tutoring my younger daughter as well.
Fran, Fairfield, NJ

I highly recommend Essex Tutoring. I was concerned about finding the right tutors to address my son’s special needs as I began to homeschool. He is now meeting with two different tutors, one for math and one for study/organizational skills and has developed a wonderful rapport with both of them. I am delighted to see the progress he is making.
Batya, Passaic, NJ

My experience with Essex Tutoring is working out very well. The tutor is great with my son. He really looks forward to his sessions. For a 13-year-old boy to want to see his tutor after a full day of school is a pretty strong statement. It’s something to watch him take the responsibility on his own to come inside early and be ready for his sessions.
Maribel, Bloomfield, NJ

My son has had tutoring in algebra. He is a ‘B’ student in math, and after one semester of tutoring he got his marks up to an ‘A’. The next semester Richard got an ‘A’. I could not recommend the program more highly.

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