One-on-One Private Tutoring
We strongly believe every child has the ability to succeed. At Essex Tutoring we specialize in connecting students with tutors who can help them flourish. Each student is paired with a tutor who is not only prepared to
meet his/her academic needs, but who also possesses the ability to relate
to the individual student. This enhances the learning process.

Once the appropriate tutor is selected, he/she will meet with the student and parent to discuss the desired goals. This also ensures that all parties feel comfortable. The tutor will then develop a program to meet the student’s personal educational needs. Sessions last approximately one hour and take place once or twice a week.

Since we recognize the need for tutoring sessions to closely parallel the student’s classroom curriculum, tutors are prepared to contact the child’s teacher (with the parent’s consent) for any pertinent information. Tutors are also required to provide continuous communication to the parents on the student’s progress. At the end of each tutoring term, parents receive a written report detailing the specific areas covered, the student’s progress and recommendations for future educational pursuits.

Four main principles set Essex Tutoring apart from other educational programs:

  • One-on-one attention – Our tutors focus on one student at a time.
  • Most educators agree that the lower the teacher/student ratio, the greater the chance of the student mastering the material.
  • In-home – Your child is in a comfortable and familiar environment.
  • We realize your time is valuable. Therefore, we eliminate any travel time or wasted time sitting in waiting rooms while your child is being tutored.
  • Relevant material – Lesson plans are customized to address your child’s individual needs. Material is taken from the student’s school curriculum. Our tutors can work with the classroom teacher to identify and focus on areas where the student’s needs are greatest.
  • Flexibility – All aspects of our program are customized to provide a learning experience tailored to meet the needs of the student.

To learn more about our approach contact us at (973) 338-4949.

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