A great place for kids, parents and teachers.
Discovery Channel Education:www.discoveryschool.com
Kids and parents – discover fascinating brain builders, learning adventures and skill building worksheets for all subjects. Teachers – find hundreds for fun and exciting lesson plans for grades K-12 in all subjects.  All lesson plans are created by teachers…for teachers.
American Homeschool Association: americanhomeschoolassociation.org
Articles, essays and FAQs, plus hundreds of resources and links for homeschooling parents.
PBS Kids Home Page:www.pbskids.org
Games, music and activities for kids featuring all their favorite characters.
The College Board:www.collegeboard.com
Up to the minute information about the PSAT/NMQST, SAT, AP tests and more.  Review the complete listing of test centers, dates and on-line registration.  Use the comprehensive college search engine to narrow your college search based on matching majors, costs, sports and admission requirements to your child’s needs.
ACT Test Center:www.actstudent.org
For information about upcoming ACT test dates, test preparation, test centers and registration.
Figure This!:www.figurethis.org
Offers interactive math problems families can use to help children understand estimation, volume, and other important mathematical concepts.
Environmental Kids Club:www.epa.gov/kids/index.htm
A great site that helps kids discover how human actions affect the environment and how they can help make the earth a cleaner place to live.  From garbage and recycling to climate change and acid rain, this site is filled with interactive games and projects that make learning how to protect the environment fun.
AES Education Planner: – www.educationplanner.com
Discover your child’s learning style.  Learn study skill techniques and stress management tips.  This site also has in depth information about preparing for, selecting and applying for college.
Grammar & Spelling Help:englishplus.com/grammar/
This site is loaded with grammar style and usage rules and examples.  From punctuation, spelling and common mistakes, you’ll find the answer to your question on this comprehensive web site.
Vocabulary From A to SAT:www.vocabulary.co.il/
Make expanding your vocabulary fun.  This innovative site features dozens of vocabulary building games, each with multiple skill levels and topics.
The Stacks:www.scholastic.com/kids/stacks/
This terrific reading site is loaded with book reviews for kids from beginning readers to teens.  There are games, quizzes and informative links for parents and lots of teacher resources.
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