One-on-One Private Tutoring

If you are wondering whether or not your child can benefit from tutoring, consider some of the most common reasons tutors are called.

Students who fall behind on daily assignments or have problems in particular areas of study often benefit from weekly tutoring sessions. In these sessions, students can work at their own pace and be taught according to their individual learning style.

Students who want to work ahead in specific subjects (often subjects at which they already excel), can use tutors to help them advance. A student who wishes to improve his/her writing skills, for example, should be helped to develop these talents.

Students with disabilities often rely on tutors for extra help outside the classroom. A personalized curriculum can be tailored to the special needs of that student.

When exam time comes around, many students experience anxiety that makes it difficult for them to achieve their potential, even if they have studied for hours. Study skills are not normally acquired through osmosis; they must be learned. Tutors can help students learn how to study.

If students are having difficulty in school, they may begin to feel inadequate and become discouraged which can hinder further learning. Tutoring usually gives students a boost of confidence and encourages learning. If you do decide that your child may benefit from individual instruction, the next step is finding a tutoring service that will meet your child’s needs. Here are some things to keep in mind as you search through the yellow pages.

A tutoring service should employ enthusiastic tutors. The attitude of a professional tutor can influence the way a child responds to the learning process.

In-home and on-line tutoring eliminates student and parent travel time.

It is extremely important that a tutoring service conducts an initial assessment for its students. The assessment process helps the tutor understand a student’s specific needs. With this knowledge, a tutor can design a learning program that is suited to the individual’s learning style and particular areas of difficulty.

Remember, the tutoring process is most effective when applied over a substantial period of time. Don’t expect overnight miracles.

An approach should emphasize communication during the tutoring process. The most effective tutoring services keep parents and schoolteachers aware of the student’s progress.

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